Stories from Indian Rock Village.

Hear from those who live it daily … what life is like in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas’ Indian Rock Village.

Marion is an Assisted Living resident who has resided at Indian Rock Village for three years. Marion has a daughter and one granddaughter along with other family members that live in the Fairfield Bay community. Marion enjoys that Indian Rock Village is near the Hart Center. She goes swimming over there often.

She states, “I have never met a stranger, Indian Rock Village has become my home. People are thoughtful, kind, and go out of their way to help me have a pleasant day. There are activities. I enjoy movie night, especially. We have transportation available for shopping and doctor visits. It is a happy place. I sit up front in the dining area and can hear laughter from residents and staff. Everyone helps everyone. I feel safe and have safety devices in my room. I have made really nice friends. Dietary listens and incorporates ideas from us. Overall it is a joyous place to reside.”


“I was very impressed with Indian Rock Village. It was very nice and organized. The people were nice and friendly; residents stopped to welcome us and tell us how much they liked the place, so we got a lot of recommendations from the residents themselves. They invited us to share lunch with them in the cafeteria, which was more like a restaurant. We were waited on by a waitress and had choices for the meal, which was very nice. The food was pretty good and seemed to be much better than the average institutional fare. I really liked that they had choices; you weren’t just stuck with whatever they hand over to you, and you didn’t have to queue up in line and carry a tray. There were white tablecloths on the tables. It was very nicely laid out and decorated. We toured two of the apartments, which were lovely, very nicely decorated, and very cozy spaces.”


“I recently was honored to attend Indian Rock Village’s Thanksgiving dinner with my Mother. There was not an empty seat in the entire dining room on the second floor. The food was WONDERFUL with many choices of what you wanted to order. The service was quick and very friendly. We were served by the regular dining room staff with assistance from the office personnel and management.

My Mother has lived at Indian Rock Village for almost 10 years. I have always been happy with the treatment my Mother has received from the staff and feel Blessed to have Indian Rock Village in our city.”


My husband was moved into the nursing home side. He is very happy with the staff and how welcome they have made him feel. Wonderful people, so thankful for them all.


Awesome place! The apartment is spacious and very nice, and the staff is great and really care about the residents and take great care of them! We are so happy we found IRV.


Great place, always neat and clean and the staff is wonderful. The best part is that the patients all look good and seem happy. My mom got great care here.


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