Indian Rock Village joins Bac-track Technologies!

Indian Rock Village joins Bac-Track Technologies. The merge will support efforts to protect resident health and well being. Bac-track gives facilities a dashboard to monitor bacteria levels by department or equipment category. In addition, the program helps to monitor monthly trends and treatment, as well as, cleaning effectiveness. This method of data reporting allows facilities to pinpoint high risk contamination areas.

Recently, due to Covid-19, the healthcare industry is challenged to provide the best care for their patients and a safe environment for health care workers. Micro-organisms and viruses are 2 of the most potent pollutants in a healthcare environment. Naturally, healthcare facilities expose patients and staff to microbial contamination. This can often lead to infectious disease, as well as, transfer to surfaces and people.

Ideally, you must know the location and concentration of high risk contaminators. BAC-TRACK Technologies offers ATP monitor helps to track facilities’ surface contamination through ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing. The ATP testing system provides an effective, measurable, and immediate way to determine cleanliness levels.

Research has shown, traditional methods of wiping surface areas to clean, isn’t as effective as once believed. Bac-Track Technologies offer Electrostatic sprayers as an easy solution for effective cleaning. Electrostatics work by placing a positive charge into any cleaning solution, then adheres to the negatively or neutrally charged object, providing uniform coverage and less waste.